With a host of design features to improve both reliability and efficiency..

With a host of design features to improve both reliability and efficiency, the 78 Series of switched mode power supplies from Finder gives control system builders a stable and dependable low voltage DC supply.

91% efficient, and drawing only 0.4W in standby, this series of modular, rail mounted DC power supplies comprises 24VDC, 36W; 24VDC 60W and 12VDC, 50W output variants that support universal AC or DC supply ranges, respectively 100-265VAC and 140-370VDC.

Integrating the latest protection technologies, the 78 Series includes: thermal protection with fast output voltage shutdown; short circuit protection with ‘hiccup’ (auto-recovery) mode and overvoltage (varistor) protection. In addition, the power supplies’ high inrush current handling capability means they will safely tolerate loads with high current transient characteristics, such as capacitive circuits and solenoids fitted with ‘economy’ resistors.

To help minimise downtime in the event of a fault, the power supply inputs are protected by an easy access internal fuse, with an adjacent spare fuse ensuring an even more immediate fix. Able to be interconnected in either dual (bi-polar) or series configuration, multiple 78 Series power supply outputs can also be ORed using standard diodes to support both manual and automatic redundancy schemes, further augmenting control system reliability.

Measuring only 70mm wide and 60mm deep, these highly compact 35mm rail mounted power supplies can also help to reduce control panel size. Qualified to EN60950-1 and EN61204-3 norms, they are fully compliant with global EMC standards for power supply design.