Diamond has launched a new Power Components division to focus on five new lines of Power Switching and Custom Would products.

The sales strategy of the new division is to work closely with manufacturers who have been successful in other world markets based on either their innovative technology or an aggressive commercial offer, but have had little or no exposure to the UK market. We have secured agreement with five such companies who are all excited about bringing their products to the attention of UK design engineers.

View our launch webpage at www.diamondpowercomponents.co.uk

Diamond Power’s team is headed up by Craig Ardrey as Business Development Manager who has over 20 years experience in the Power Market both in the UK and US. Our Applications and Technical sales team has an additional 40 years of experience in Silicone Power switching with some of the main Power market leaders.

Craig commented on the launch of DP that ” We believe we have a portfolio of new and aggressive manufacturers who we will help us to disrupt the UK market in a very positive way for UK power designers”