The unique and innovative products include:

Miniature Light Guides for the 2.54 Grid

Compared with conventional 5.08 grid versions, these mini components allow twice the number of display elements to be arranged side by side on one and the same PCB. Over 150 versions, presents design engineers with a whole new range of possibilities, in particular where space mounting is limited.

Light Guide-based adjustable height, 7 segment displays

Patent pending, these seven segment displays have significant advantages compared with conventional products and allow Design Engineers infinite customability. In addition to the standard sizes, custom heights between 4.5mm and 23.5mm with very low MOQs are available. The designer can choose any type and colour of LED to mount on the PCB. Three standard digit sizes are offered.

Cost effective illuminated switch solutions

Building on its highly popular range of illuminated switch caps, the new variations offer extremely small installation heights of 3.6 mm and 5.2 mm for use with snap domes and miniature short stroke push button switches. Requiring only the minimum of space, these new push button caps are ideal for robust custom membrane keypad designs presenting touch areas with full homogenous surface illumination.

Customers can equip these flat pushbutton caps with SMD LEDs and pushbutton switches or snap domes for any combination coloured homogenous illumination and actuating forces.

For more information about any of these lines or to place an order, please contact our distribution team: Tel: 01477 505 200