Compared to conventional types with a grid dimension of 5.08…

Compared to conventional types with a grid dimension of 5.08, the grid dimension of these miniaturised light guides allows twice the number of display elements to be arranged side-by-side on one and the same printed circuit board. This offers design engineers a whole new range of possibilities, in particular where mounting space is limited.

The new miniature modules are available as horizontal and vertical radiating, single or multi-row light guides. The light guides can be provided in variable lengths by using different tool inserts. Plug-in panel mounting light guides are available that obviate the need for drilling holes in printed circuit boards. Diffuse and clear light guides as well as customised coloured variants are available, which show the LED display colour also when off.

Despite their small diameter of 2 mm and close side-by-side arrangement, these miniature light guides have been specially designed and manufactured to prevent glare on the individual light guide components. This is made possible by a special in-house product creation process from virtual development, via simulation and prototype manufacture through to final production, which is accompanied at MENTOR by its own team of light specialists. This service is also offered for all customer-specific development projects in order to ensure that our products perform reliably at all times.