Finder has announced the introduction of a pair of panel thermostats…

Finder has announced the introduction of a pair of panel thermostats designed to maintain constant temperature levels in control panels and enclosures. Suiting the needs of both simple and sophisticated heating and ventilation systems, the 7T Series thermostats help to improve component reliability and preserve instrumentation accuracy through enhanced temperature setting and control.

With red or blue temperature setting dials to clearly identify the heating and ventilation variants, the 7T thermostats are IP20 rated and come in slim 17.5mm rail mounting housings, ensuring easy installation and usage in compact panel designs.

A temperature setting range of between 0 and 60ºC makes them suitable for a wide range of environments, while their snap action bi-metallic sensor means a positive switching action and a long electrical life (100,000 cycles).
The thermostats’ output contact (normally closed for heating control, normally open for ventilation control) is rated at 250VAC, 10A, enabling them to directly switch heater or fan loads up to 2500VA AC1 and 250VA AC15.