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Electronic equipment manufacturers face multiple challenges. Producing innovative products quickly and efficiently – at a time when demand can fluctuate wildly. And sourcing components from a complex, fast-moving supply base.

That’s where our expertise comes in. Since 1979, Diamond Electronics has supplied individual components and material management programmes to the UK electronics market.

Manufacturers use our outsourced Electronic Component Kitting service to streamline their component procurement processes – helping them to save money. For OEM clients, our Managed Contract Manufacturing programme offers more flexible and scalable PCB assembly – thanks to a wide network of partners.

If you fancy saving up to 10% on overall procurement costs – and adjust production flexibly, according to demand – get in touch with us below.

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Shanghai reopening in June
As we continue navigating through the global supply chain situation, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, with Shanghai hoping to reopen in June. 
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Supply chain difficulties continue to be the theme of the day within the electronics industry
It has been highlighted that the escalating problems between Russia and the Ukraine may affect the supply of Neon gas and Palladium, which could have a further effect on the semiconductor supply chain.
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