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Choosing the right Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) is crucial for OEMs, focusing on aspects like process efficiency, scalable PCB assembly, and effective component procurement. A skilled CEM manages market variables, lead times, and potential obsolescence, granting OEMs flexible, scalable production without excessive costs.

Diamond’s Managed Contract Manufacturing service leverages our own in group CEM companies alongside a certified CEM Partner network in the UK and Far East, ensuring reliable supply chains, compliance with standards like ISO 9001, and prompt, cost-efficient deliveries.

Managed Contract Manufacturing (MCM) is an efficient, scalable solution for electronic OEMs to manage their product demand. It involves outsourcing production to one of our certified Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEM) while retaining visibility & control of component procurement and assembly volumes. This model offers cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and improved product deliveries.

MCM facilitates complete PCB assembly or electronic box build, selecting the most suitable CEM for each project. We ensure manufacturing objectives are met, with our CEMs adhering to BS ISO 9001 and IPC standards, and employing advanced SMT & Thru-hole assembly practices. MCM manages component procurement and kitting, addressing any delivery or pricing issues, and offers flexibility in component kit redirection to various providers.

We also support existing manufacturing partnerships by managing component supply, delivering kits to CEMs, and facilitating processes like KANBAN or JIT at the final assembly stage. Our services cater to both NPI processes and strategic volume manufacturing cost-down programs, aligning with OEMs’ future manufacturing goals.


“Our services support an NPI process or a strategic cost-down programme for volume manufacturing. Working closely with OEM clients – from a product’s inception – we can ensure future manufacturing objectives are met.”

In summary, Diamond’s MCM service is an ideal solution for OEMs facing fluctuating demand, providing a balance of outsourcing benefits and control over production. We ensure efficient production and quality through our partner network and kitting service. Contact us for more details or a quote on how we can enhance your manufacturing strategy

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“After detailed project discussions with an OEM client, we will carefully select an appropriate manufacturing partner or partners based on established key criteria.”

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