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Reduce procurement costs through outsourcing

Our Electronic Component Kitting service helps CEMs and OEMs purchase parts more efficiently – helping to reduce both procurement costs and component stock holding.


Getting to grips with the worldwide electronic components market can be a challenge for in-house procurement teams. Constantly monitoring the volatile nature of the supply base can be time-consuming, costly and complex.

As a specialist in Electronic Component Kitting, Diamond Electronics provides an outsourced solution to the problem. We help many leading CEMs and OEMs to purchase components more efficiently – and currently manage more than 1000 component kits on their behalf.

“We manage more than 1000 component kits for customers – who can realise up to 10% savings on overall procurement costs”


Our solution gives CEMs and OEMs all the visibility and control of in-house acquisition – with the efficiency benefits of an outsourced service. Through our expertise in the components market, our kitting solutions reduce overall procurement costs by up to 10%, compared with traditional multi-vendor processes.

Customers also save around 30% in storage and administration overheads. In addition, clients realise a significant improvement in working capital – through reduced component stock holding.

ISO 9002 Quality 
Control Procedures

Average £20k – £50k improvement in customer working capital through reduced stock

We have our own dedicated IT kitting platform

We deliver the kitting solution you need, where and when you need it

Kitting benefits


We’ve built a global network of electronic component specialists – with access to worldwide distributor inventory – since launching our kitting division in 1997. Under the programme, we source semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components, interconnection parts and PCBs.

SMT and through-hole components are prepared and delivered in “production-ready” quantities, on a date to suit each customer’s production schedule. SMT components include a suitable feed and tail, and an agreed level of attrition. If required, through-hole parts can be preformed. All components are labelled with manufacturer and customer part numbers, board locations and descriptions.

Our customer-focused service includes quality checking, alternate part sourcing and co-ordination of delivery. We take on the headache of sourcing suppliers, tracking orders, quality-checking deliveries, dealing with errors and handling numerous invoices from multiple suppliers.


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