Wed 13th Mar 2024
Electronic Component Kitting: A 2024 Procurement Game-Changer for UK Manufacturers?
By Steve Creely Supply Chain Specialist Diamond Electronics Group As the UK electronics manufacturing sector navigates the challenges and opportunities of 2024, one innovative strategy stands out for its potential to change traditional procurement practices: electronic component kitting. This method, which consolidates various components into bespoke kits tailored for specific projects, is quickly becoming a […]
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Fri 16th Sep 2022
Diamond HMI Introduce ioniTOUCH Medical Keyboards
IoniTouch™ QWERTY desktop keyboards are designed to support infection control procedures in any healthcare setting. During trials, IoniTouch™ keyboards, with their antimicrobial protection and easy clean construction, were recognised as offering an additional level of infection control in busy hospital environments. The ioniTOUCH™ range of QWERTY keyboards and mice are proven to reduce the spread of […]
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Thu 9th Jun 2022
Shanghai reopening in June
As we continue navigating through the global supply chain situation, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, with Shanghai hoping to reopen in June. 
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Tue 26th Apr 2022
Reshoring: the tide is turning
Covid-19, economic uncertainty and fragile supply chains are some of the factors behind a rise in reshoring. 
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Fri 4th Mar 2022
Supply chain difficulties continue to be the theme of the day within the electronics industry
It has been highlighted that the escalating problems between Russia and the Ukraine may affect the supply of Neon gas and Palladium, which could have a further effect on the semiconductor supply chain.
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Tue 7th Dec 2021
Voice and Gesture Recognition markets are set to grow…
The voice recognition market is set to grow between 2021-2026 with smart devices using integrated voice-activated systems driving market growth.
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Wed 10th Nov 2021
Shortage of Electronic Components reducing the numbers of new cars on the market
We have already seen many supply chains effected because of the pandemic. The latest one to see disruption is the new car market.
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Wed 7th Jul 2021
Worldwide Electronics Industry – Supply Chain Disruption 2021
To ensure we can assist customers to navigate through the market challenges, we monitor manufacturer lead time updates.
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Thu 4th Feb 2021
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