Shanghai reopening in June 

China’s recent enforced lockdowns in many industrial areas has placed enormous stress on the already stretched supply chains. However, as we continue navigating through the situation, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, with Shanghai hoping to reopen in June. 

Supply chain issues 

COVID-19 caused many supply chain disruptions for companies, particularly in the electronics sector. Localised shutdowns and staff shortages due to isolation requirements were among the issues. Fast-forward two years, and we are still struggling to get stock to our UK bases. Lead-times are still long, and the component shortage problems are far from over. 

We have recently been made aware of changes to China’s lockdown measures. In Shanghai, the city’s deputy mayor stated that from 1st June, if infection levels remain controlled; they will begin to restore normal working arrangements and remove restrictions for the public. 

What does this mean for orders?

We expect demand for cargo space and a surge of vessels ready to leave the ports, which will also affect the number of ships moving toward Europe and could cause delays in unloading at docks. Our team will continue to closely monitor our shipments and update customers as information becomes available.

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