Now available from Diamond Electronics is the new Panasonic ultra-miniature, capacitive coupled TSON PhotoMOS relay. The new device adds to the successful Panasonic Low CxR PhotoMOS relay series.


In contrast to other PhotoMOS relays in the Panasonic range, the galvanic isolation of input and output of the TSON relays is not optical, but capacitive. Alongside a notably smaller footprint, the TSON relay offers significant advantages as far as the temperature range, nominal operating power, and transfer characteristics. For example, the new TSON relays can be used in ambient temperatures of up to +105°C. The forward current needed for activation is typically as low as 0.2mA, and the input can be driven with a typical voltage of 3.5V. The resistor required for PhotoMOS is no longer necessary.

The turn-on time for TSON relays is within the range of a few 100µs. In spite of the very small size of as tiny as 1.8 x 1.95 x 0.8mm (LxWxH), the galvanic isolation between input and output is 200V AC. The new TSON package brings space savings of more than 50% compared to the previously smallest package types SON & VSSOP.

The new TSON types are available for load voltages from 30V to 60V. Depending on the type, the Low CxR may be as low as 10pFxOhm.

The TSON relay has many potential applications, particularly the areas of IC and board testers, medical technology and multipoint recording which could all benefit from the key features of the part.