The voice recognition market is set to grow on average 16.8% between 2021-2026 with smart devices using integrated voice-activated systems driving market growth. Gesture recognition technology is also infiltrating the AI tech market, expecting to grow over 27.9% over the forecast period 2021-2026. Previously the technologies have been limited due to scalability and affordability, however developments and the introduction of AI into consumer products is now increasing their presence.


Why the increase in artificial intelligence technologies? 


The artificial intelligence market is expected to grow around 42.2% from 2020 to 2027 driven by the advancement of technology, and changes to the way we live and work. AI technologies being introduced to all market sectors, to help with day-to-day tasks. In particular, the need for gesture recognition technologies has accelerated during the pandemic to help perform tasks safely, for example the need for touchless controls at public terminals, due to hygiene concerns on a multi-user surface. The voice recognition technology market was on the increase pre-pandemic, voice messages offering a hands-free way of sending a text message, and voice control smart operating systems making tasks easier at home. In consumer electronics voice and gesture recognition technology has been integrated into gaming and virtual reality devices.


Which devices are utilising the technologies? 


  • Smart home and IoT devices: Devices used to monitor energy usage and control heating and domestic appliances, fitness monitoring and home entertainment systems offer enhanced user experiences during leisure time.
  • Medical smart devices: for the elderly or vulnerable living at home integrated speech recognition into devices makes life easier and can provide safety in the home.
  • Smartphones: record a voice message, save time typing a text, or use voice control to ask a question.
  • Automotive: voice recognition systems are now a standard feature in new vehicles, the system enables the user to answer phone calls, select radio stations or music. Gesture control is now making in roads into vehicle control and this area is expected to develop significantly in the near future.
  • Gaming applications: gesture recognition technology is used for game commands instead of pressing buttons on a keyboard or moving a mouse.


Electronics Industry and Voice and Gesture Recognition 


The integration of these new AI technologies for industrial control will continue to grow, and we will continue to see changes to the design and functionality of applications to take advantage of this technology. As users expect more from their smart devices, the option to operate systems in the workplace will become more common.