Now Available from Diamond Electronics Ltd is the MORNSUN MCP series AC/DC converter designed for power distribution network applications.

The MCP 100 is ideal to be used in power systems, such as power permanent magnet switching controllers, electric power control cabinet, and provide un-interruptible power supply for super-capacitors.

Key Features:

VCC of IC controls the circuit. The secondary output activates ahead of the primary output when the system starts, which protects the back-end components from over voltage of the primary output.

The secondary output is self-powered and keeps operating even if the primary output breaks down.

If a short circuit occurs, the primary output turns into “hiccup mode” and the secondary output stops working. Self-recovery activates when the short circuit is eliminated.

  • Wide Operating temperature: -40℃ to 75℃
  • Ultra-wide Input Range: 165~265VAC
  • Isolation : 3000VAC
  • High efficiency of 85%
  • Ripple and noise is low to 100mV
  • 168.0*79.0*28.0 mm (Metal casing)