Covid has caused many challenges over the last 9 months that have majorly impacted the global economy and businesses. Diamond is no exception, taking the challenges faced within the electronics industry head-on.


It was recently said that the electronics industry has moved forward 5 years in 5 months, with the increase in home working, IT infrastructures have been put to the test, and they have been successful for many companies. At Diamond, our own well organised IT system has been able to deal with additional staff working remotely, and whilst it still seems that we may be working between the office and home for some time, we are thankful that we can continue to work. Many areas within the electronics industry have been hit hard by the impact of the pandemic, particularly supply chains, with delays, increased freight charges and restricted border access. We have worked tirelessly to overcome these issues where possible to keep providing product and kits to our customers.

We have embraced changes to customer requirements due to new market demand. Areas thriving within the electronics industry include remote electronic devices, tracking and logistics appliances, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things ( IoT), automotive and medical devices. The increase in working from home has led to the need for more remote electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. Logistics and tracking devices used for food packing are busier than ever trying to keep up with demand. Artificial Intelligence technology helps reduce human contact and maintain social distancing, an important guideline set throughout the pandemic.

As we continue to work with companies to help with their supply needs, preparing for heightened demand and anticipating lead times and price increases, we are urging customers to place requirements for products as early as possible to prepare for any future shortages or supply chain disruption that could be seen if we continue to see spikes in virus cases. Our HMI Division has already begun to receive information regarding Display Driver IC’s lead-time and price increases. For more info click the link here.

Supply Chain Disruption

Many companies have faced supply chain issues over the past 6 months with Covid causing significant challenges for procurement teams globally. Suppliers in China did not return to work after their New Year Celebrations at the end of January. Instead, they began a phased return at the end of February. During this time there were significant reductions in staff with most working with a skeleton workforce, which led to limited production capacity. This produced a backlog creating a delay in the delivery of customer orders of 4-5 weeks. As we began to see the shift of covid to other areas, logistics issues became apparent due to border closures and restrictions. Airline capacity was significantly reduced due to the reduction in passenger flights which hiked the cost of freight. We are now starting to see more consistency within the supply chain now that workplaces are able to adapt to covid regulations, but social distancing guidelines have led to reduced manufacturing capacity which has also extended lead times and in some cases, we are beginning to see products being put on allocation.

‘2020 has been a challenging time for the Electronics Industry globally. Demand for medical equipment, reduced freight capacity with associated high costs and covid restrictions in the workplace leading to reduced manufacturing capacity, have all put enormous pressure on our supply chain and the manufacture of components. Diamond Electronics continue to monitor all changes and developments which affect the supply chain, whilst working closely with our logistics companies and supply base to ensure we limit any disruption to our customers and that we can continue to fulfil their needs.’

Diamond Electronics, Purchasing Manager.

IT Infrastructure

Working from home has been critical for many businesses, helping protect workers, and reduce staff numbers onsite. Diamond has ensured that staff have the ability to work from home successfully, providing the correct equipment needed to do this. Our robust IT infrastructure has enabled a smooth transition for remote working. The correct steps taken to ensure the health and safety of all the team.

“We faced many challenges during the migration to working from home but thanks to our trusted IT suppliers and the cooperation of Diamond Electronics staff, we have been able to facilitate all of the Government guidelines and to deliver an efficient, effective and Covid secure working environment.”

Diamond Electronics, IT Supervisor and Technical Support.

What a year…

It may not have been the year we were expecting, but it certainly will not be one we forget. At Diamond, we will continue to meet customer expectations and provide an outstanding service. There is no doubt that we will continue to see the impacts of COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, but being able to adapt to the changes required has put us in good stead to ensure we can remain open for our staff, suppliers and customers!

Even though staff are working remotely we are still available to customers through the usual numbers. The company has adapted to ensure staff are able to work safely, with less staff on-site and enhanced cleaning regimes. As a company, we are committed to being COVID safe but also be able to provide the customer service you would expect from every department within the company. What Covid has shown is that we all must react to change, whilst the future remains uncertain, the distribution of a vaccine and more accurate and focused testing will help get the economy and our lives back on track.