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Our range of PCB relays includes Power and Signal switching devices as well as RF and Solid State variants.


Range of miniature devices for Pressure, Motion and Light sensing in electronic systems


Ranges of PCB and Panel mount switches including Tact switches with both TH and SMT variants, Rocker and Toggle numerous configurations.

Power Conversion

PCB and DIN mount AC - DC and DC - DC converters ranging from 1W to 60W ratings. NEW IGBT and LED drivers.


AC and DC axial Fans from 15mm to 172mm Diameter. Miniture Blowers, Fan Guards and Fan Leads


SMT and TH Cermet Potentiometers, rotary switches and sensors. Custom Thick film resistors

PCB Terminal Blocks

Pluggable and non pluggable PCB terminal blocks including new screwless and SMT variants capable to handling currents up to 20A

Opto Electronics

Opto couplers in DIL, Half Pitch and Mini Flat packages, Slotted Opto switches with/without custom parameter selections.


Our own range of Board to Board and Wire to Board connector, Data connectors and DC power sockets.

Circuit Protection

Fuses & Fuseholders including SMT versions and resettable fuses designed for on board protection

Power Semiconductors

Power switching devices in Capsule and Module format designed for High voltage/current applications.

Inductive Components

UK distributor for Egston custom inductive components including Chokes, Transformers, current sensing transformers and specialist wound devices.