Thyristor & Diode Power Modules

TECHSEM Power Modules include circuit topologies such as single/dual thyristors, single/dual diodes and thyristor-diode-modules. The output current range is from 26A to 570A and the maximum reverse voltage range of the modules is up to 3600V. TECHSEM power modules packages are in full compliance with international standards, providing excellent versatility and substitutability to customers.

All TECHSEM power modules have CE and UL (file No. E321159) marking and comply with European RoHS directives. TECHSEM products are widely used for motor drives, power supply, power transmission and distribution, railway transportation, metal smelting, machinery manufacturing, welding machines, chemical industry and renewable energy.

TECHSEM is China’s leading high Power Semiconductor Manufacturer with a track record in supplying global industry leaders such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider etc. All their product offer exceptional Quality and are very competitively priced compared to many of the established EU manufacturers.

International Standards include IRIS, UL, IEC, RoHS etc..

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