Finder has introduced a new family of ultra-slim relay interface modules that provides a low-cost…

Finder has introduced a new family of ultra-slim relay interface modules that provides a low-cost, space-saving solution for a host of industrial applications. The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE range incorporates an innovative, replaceable fuse for output circuit protection, plus busbars and terminals that substantially simplify input and output wiring.

Housed in a compact 6.2mm wide package, the 39 Series offers integral coil protection circuitry across the gamut, as well as a secure retention and ejection clip, and terminal screws suitable for blade and crosshead screwdrivers. Five dedicated module types are offered, designed to meet the specific requirements for basic, enhanced, input, output and timer interface functions.

Available with electromechanical or solid state relays for general interfacing applications, the MasterBASIC features common link supply terminal positions, allowing the use of a 16-way jumper link. The enhanced MasterPLUS module adds the option of a quick connection replaceable output fuse and special leakage current suppression versions to mitigate any detrimental effects caused by residual current in the input circuit. Both the MasterINPUT and MasterOUTPUT incorporate additional busbar jumper links and terminals necessary for the full connection of 2- or 3-wire input devices and output devices respectively, thus reducing component cost, time and panel space. The MasterTIMER is a multi-function and multi-range device with DIP-switch selection of 4 time scales and 8 functions, with timer delay adjustment achieved via an easy-to-access rotary knob on the top surface of the module.

A range of accessories is available to support the 39 Series relay interface modules, including red, blue and black 16-way jumper links, and dual purpose separators (1.8mm or 6.2mm) for the visual or protective separation of groups of interfaces operating from different supply voltages, or for the protection of cut ends of jumper links. The MasterADAPTER permits the easy connection of A1/A2 terminals of up to 8 MasterINTERFACE modules to PLC outputs via a 14-way ribbon cable, plus simple 2-wire power supply connection, providing significant wiring savings.