Finder has announced the introduction of a range of eight modular…

Finder has announced the introduction of a range of eight modular, 22.5mm wide rail-mounted timers designed to provide a complete range of timing functions, while keeping part number holdings to the absolute minimum. The multi-voltage 83 Series of multifunction and mono-function timers handles 14 different timing functions, with time scales between 0.05 seconds to 10 days and offers either single or double pole variants.

To maximise flexibility the timers support a very wide working voltage range, from 24V through to 240V AC or DC, making them suitable for mains or low voltage AC operation as well as DC battery supplies. With changeover contacts rated for 16A, the 83 Series is capable of switching AC1 loads of up to 4KVA or single phase motors up to 0.5kW. For easy maintenance, both flat blade and cross head screwdrivers can be used to adjust the range and function selectors, the timing trimmer and to disengage the rail mounting clip.

The single pole 83.01 and double pole 83.02 multi-function timer variants both offer up to 8 different timing functions, including a special watchdog function allowing users to monitor repeating processes by resetting the time period each time a “watchdog” pulse is received, with the continuous presence or absence of a pulse beyond the set time triggering the release of the output contacts.

The 83.02 timer also provides the facility of external potentiometer time setting, enabling the timer to be adjusted from the front of control panel or enclosure, whilst assuring the security of timer function and time scale settings. In addition, to further maximise flexibility and minimise part number stocking, it also offers users the option to select between either 2 timed or 1 timed and 1 instantaneous contact.

The third multi-function timer in the series, the 83.91 provides 4 asymmetrical flasher timing functions: starting pulse on; starting pulse off; as well as starting pulse on and starting pulse off both with a control signal input allowing timing to be initiated from a remote sensor operating at a voltage other than the supply voltage.

Completing the 83 Series timer range are 3 single pole mono-function timers: the 83.11 for on-delay; the 83.21 for interval; 83.41 for off-delay with control signal; and a pair of 2 pole mono-function timers: the 83.62 for power-off delay (true off-delay) and the 83.82 for star-delta timing function.